Cloye Hairgrove Recognized Among Colorado’s Most Effective Innovators Under 25

Headshot of cloye hairgrove colorado top innovator

Cloye Hairgrove, Digital Silence Forensic Analyst, was among Colorado’s top innovators under 25 by the Denver Business Journal. Through the Colorado Inno Under 25 list, the Denver Business Journal recognizes “some of the state’s most effective innovators and entrepreneurs” under 25 years old. 

Cloye is an integral part of the Incident Response and Digital Forensics process. Her ability to see opportunities to enhance and improve processes supports Digital Silence’s efforts to stay abreast of the ever-evolving world of cyber security and our goal to continuously improve the client experience. While Incident Response and Digital Forensics focus on what has happened, Cloye also keeps looking forward. When she walks into a project – or a room – she seeks ways to make it better, more efficient, or more functional. Even down to the space her team occupies, she is thoughtful and intentional about understanding the current state, then developing and implementing improvements.

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, the ability to adapt and improve is paramount. Cloye’s persistent focus on delivering better results, crafting better processes, and leaving a project or role better from her involvement, is truly exemplary. Her consistent commitment to innovation not only makes her a valuable member of the Digital Silence team, it warrants her recognition among the top young innovators in Colorado.

More information can be found in The Denver Business Journal.

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