How security experts support legal teams.

how security experts support legal teams: assess, educate, respond, support

Dan Nelson, Digital Silence’s General Counsel, said it best: “Most cybersecurity problems will ultimately end up on a lawyer’s desk.” And while cybersecurity experts can certainly help counsel navigate a security incident, you don’t have to wait for a problem to occur for a cybersecurity professional to support your legal team.


From examining a client’s security strategy to tactical determinations of their risks, a cybersecurity firm can help you understand your clients’ current state. This could include:

  • Penetration Testing to evaluate the security of an organization’s system.
  • Ransomware Assessments to identify potential attack vectors through which most Ransomware is launched.
  • Application or IoT Testing to determine vulnerabilities in web, mobile, and embedded device applications and how they may affect the organization’s security posture.
  • Social Engineering Assessments help you understand how prepared individuals in your organization are to recognize potential security threats.
  • Red Teaming is a full-scope attack simulation that assesses an organization’s prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

These assessments help organizations identify potential environmental risks and, as regulations evolve around cybersecurity, can help organizations maintain regulatory compliance.


Individual awareness is one of the most powerful tools for organizational security. Partnering with a cybersecurity consulting firm to provide education and training regarding cybersecurity best practices can increase awareness, reinforce the corporate commitment to cybersecurity, and help meet regulatory requirements.


In a cyberattack, an efficient and effective incident response helps minimize potential liability and create an action plan to remediate the attack. Additionally, having the support of a team of security experts can help you understand and respond to changes in regulations and cyber insurance processes.


In the case of a cybersecurity incident, a cybersecurity firm can provide immediate response and support throughout the resulting clean-up. This can include digital forensics to identify your attacker and provide actionable intelligence to remediate the attack. As a consultative partner, Digital Silence can also translate these findings to support litigation resulting from the incident and provide expert testimony.

Beyond the immediate reaction to an incident, a cybersecurity partner can provide long-term, overarching support to legal teams as the threat landscape evolves. From crafting thoughtful strategies and education to being your “in case of emergency” contact, the right partner can enhance organizational security.

If your organization wants to assess your current cybersecurity, educate your teams, or craft a strategic cybersecurity plan, let’s talk.

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