Digital Silence Wins 2023 Global InfoSec Award for Most Innovated Cybersecurity Provider

digital silence wins 2023 global infosec award for most innovative cybersecurity service provider by cyber defense magazine

Digital Silence was awarded the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Provider in the 2023 Global InfoSec Awards provided by Cyber Defense Magazine.

Digital Silence is a Denver-based world-class boutique cybersecurity firm that focuses on penetration testing, risk assessments, incident response, and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VISCO). We are honored to be recognized as the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Provider amongst our competitors.

“We continue to be humbled by the industry’s recognition of the depth and breadth of our team. Our focus is providing excellent customer service and quality work to our customers,”  said JT Gaietto, Principal & CISO of Digital Silence, “It’s good to be recognized for putting our customers first by supporting them in unique and innovative ways.” 

Cyber Defense Magazine is the world’s top cyber security magazine with 11 years of history and experience. They spend six months assessing thousands of companies that manage, create, and offer the most respected information security products and services to determine just the top 10% as winners.

The Global InfoSec Awards recognize companies for being the most innovative, forward-thinking, and proactive cybersecurity companies in the world. They award companies that are working to stop tomorrow’s breach today and create cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Learn more or view the complete list of winners of the 2023 Global InfoSec Awards.

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