Digital Silence and Convergent Collaborate to Expand Range of Services for Respective Customers

Digital Silence, a boutique cybersecurity firm based in Denver, an Convergent Risks, based in Los Angeles, London, and Mumbai, a global specialist security, risk, and compliance consultancy, have announced a formal Teaming Agreement designed to broaden both companies’ service scope in serving their respective customers.

Justin Whitehead, Digital Silence’s CEO, said: “We are thrilled to be working together with Convergent Risks to expand our industry-leading penetration testing capacity and build our forensic investigation business to a broader range of clients across multiple continents.”

Digital Silence has strong experience in social engineering, IoT security, application, API, and network penetration testing, incident response, digital forensics, and virtual CISO services.  Convergent is a leading provider of site, cloud, and application security assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability management, SOC2 & ISO Readiness, and privacy compliance for the media and entertainment sector. 

Chris Johnson, CEO of Convergent commented: “We believe that broadening the scope of security services that we can provide for the M&E supply chain will be of significant benefit to our customers. With the increasing choice of hybrid site and cloud workflows as well as SaaS applications, anything we can do to make life easier for vendors and content owners is in our interest to do so.”

Convergent, with offices representing the Americas, the EMEA, and APAC, focuses on assessing, auditing, and certifying compliance across a comprehensive portfolio of security standards within the media and entertainment industry, as well as offering consultancy services such as penetration testing and secure workflow mapping. Convergent protects Hollywood and the international creative community, including the major studios and their supply chain.

Digital Silence provides world-class cybersecurity services to companies and organizations in virtually any industry seeking to ensure their products and processes are safe and secure for their customers. Digital Silence’s offerings include cloud, network, web application, and device penetration testing, including full-scale attack simulations that mimic threat actors, alongside industry-leading consulting and digital forensic investigations that arm its clients with actionable intelligence. Digital Silence’s senior testing teams follow tried and tested methodologies honed over its combined decades of experience, culminating in impact-driven risk and vulnerability identification, and real-world solutions.

The teaming agreement between Digital Silence and Convergent is a significant cybersecurity collaboration across diverse industries, according to, which calls the move a “union of Digital Silence’s comprehensive cybersecurity services with Convergent’s domain specialization in M&E security.” This and other cybersecurity collaborations foster a “cross-pollination of methodologies and best practices, fostering innovation in threat response strategies and adaptive security measures.”

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