Veteran’s Day Post 2020

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From the desk of Justin Whitehead 

Founder and CEO of Digital Silence

United States Army Veteran

“From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
” -William Shakespeare

On this day of remembrance, We few, we happy few…

Looking to this day I wish to thank all of my brothers and sisters in arms. Things that are so highly regarded in our country are protected by so few. The veterans of these United States only make up 7.3% of the population. It is a club that you can’t buy your way into, a membership that can’t be faked or underestimated. Those who stood and signed a blank check that said “I believe in this country, her values, and her opportunity” so much so that we are willing to die for it. There is no greater bond then knowing that your fellow veteran would have stood in front of you no matter the odds, no matter the danger. So, to you that once wore the uniform of our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard we owe you our respect, our thanks, and our freedom. Thank you for your commitment to stand for those who might not have been able to stand for themselves. Our remembrance of you on this day is not just for what you have done while in service to our country, but also an appreciation of the example you continue to set after your service. 

“Whenever the world makes you cynical, whenever you seek true humility and selflessness, look to a veteran.” – Barack Obama

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