What Digital Silence can offer you

We provide a wide range of security assessment services, ranging from full scope red team testing to social engineering and application security. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization.

Red Team Services

Red team engagements are full-scope targeted attack simulations that mimic the tactics, techniques, and procedures of a sophisticated threat actor. They are designed to assess the prevention, detection, and response capabilities of a security-aware organization with an active and mature security program.

Penetration Testing

We offer expert internal, external, and physical penetration testing services. We follow tried and tested methodologies honed over our combined decades public sector, private sector, and military experience. Our impact driven reports not only help you identify vulnerabilities, but help you understand how these issues affect your organization.

Application Security

Web and mobile applications have become the primary media platforms of the digital millennium. Yet their complexity and ubiquity make them a unique challenge for security aware organizations. Our comprehensive application security assessments can help you solve these challenge by identifying vulnerabilities and gauging how they affect the overall security posture of your organization.

Social Engineering

Software can be patched, processes can be fixed, but people will always be subject to human nature. It’s no wonder that over 90% of breaches begin as phishing attempts, as employees are almost always the weakest link in an organization’s cyber security. Our social engineering assessments provide you with data to needed to assess the human risk to your organization.

Wireless Security

Ever wanted to know what your wireless network looks like to an attacker? That’s what we’re here for. Our wireless security testing is the most comprehensive in the industry, and is designed to give you a holistic view of every aspect of your wireless security posture. We perform detailed site-surveys to check for signal leakage and identify rogue devices, identify perimeter weaknesses that could allow attackers to access your network, and focus on demonstrating how these security issues could impact your organization. We even provide wireless device hardening services, so that your personnel can be protected while on the go.


Enterprises generate amazing amounts of data. Financial plans are developed and distributed, inventions are documented, and a great deal of this information is discussed or made available on the Internet. Potential attackers also discuss their current projects, successful breaches, and intended targets in public and private forums. Most of this data is visible to the outside world if one knows where to look. This data leakage is known as a digital footprint, and often generates risk to the affected organization. User credentials, patents, financial data, network configurations, and patient data can all be exposed. Digital Silence is uniquely equipped to help your organization identify and report these threats, with a set of proprietary tools and processes that do not exist anywhere else in the private sector.

Incident Response & Forensics

With over 30+ years of experience dealing with data breaches, network security incidents, insider threats and similar company damaging activity, our team can quickly analyze the corresponding incident and determine an effective response that saves your company money and limits any potential downtime. We also help our customers with incident readiness, making sure logs are being properly captured, technologies are properly configured, and processes are in place, up to date, and tested in case an event creates a need for incident response procedures.
Our penetration testing experience gives us a unique viewpoint: we know where the hackers are going because we go there ourselves.


We offer a variety of top tier training courses for our clients, from secure coding to security awareness courses. Our skilled instructors can even help you build out your organization's offensive capabilities, and serve as trusted advisors for new security teams.